Surprise, surprise…

Hey everyone!

So, things these past two weeks have not gone according to plan at all, which is both troubling and thrilling in so many different ways. I’d like to address the first not-according-to-plan-thing:

I started my “Master Cleanse” diet on the 8th and quit on the 10th – the third day. Now, I wasn’t chickening out, even though I desperately wanted a big ole bucket o’ Popeye’s chicken all to myself and that damn “lemonade” (how can they call it that?! It’s blasphemy and very misleading) mixture was probably the most foul and disgusting thing I have ever had the displeasure of forcing into my intestines. But no, it had nothing to do with either of those things, because the thing that turned out to actually be a thing was suddenly a thing. Like, a real thing. A thing living inside me. On day three, I was an emotional roller coaster on it’s way to the junk yard; I got pissed at Cody and sent him to the nearest Wal-Mart for a pregnancy test… That came out positive. Three of them. (Seems like it’s becoming my lucky number, huh?) So the “Master Cleanse” was off the menu completely, as it is not safe for pregnancy at all. Cody and I have been trying since May (long story) and it’s good news! So what, I wasn’t able to lose ten plus pounds, but it’s looking like I’m just going to gain it back anyway.

The second not-according-to-plan-thing is that I may get the chance to move back home in sixteen weeks, which – boy, oh, boy! – is that not the most thrilling thing ever?! I miss my life back in Houston, and making one out here is proving to be a lot more challenging that I had first thought. Even dancing out here is nearly impossible. This place seems to have a way of turning the things you love into the things you have nightmares about.

I never uploaded my video to YouTube for the end of the challenge because I was honestly really embarrassed to admit that I failed the challenge; but I’m looking at it in a whole new light right now, after writing this for you all to read one day, it kind of put everything into perspective. I’m proud that I get to be a mommy, since I was supposed to not be able to have children at all. And I’m hoping that I get to share this experience with you all riding right along beside me.

See ya on the flip side! (J.K., I mean next time I post.)



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